The Lowdown On Basketball & Girls Make Your Move

“Currently, only one in 10 young Australians move enough, and Australian girls, in particular, are doing less physical activity as they move through their teens.” - Girls Make Your Move

We don’t think that that’s nearly enough, and there are so many benefits beyond the physical aspects of sport and more specifically basketball. So let’s get into it!

The Basics of The Game.

Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players. The aim of the game is to score goals by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed at each end of the court.

The Benefits.

  • It's a great workout!
  • Increases your hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Builds Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Helps you make new friendships
  • Can help manage stress
  • Can combat depression and anxiety
  • Helps you to build and strengthen your self-esteem
  • Exercise releases endorphins that make you happy

The Apparel.

The basketball apparel is pretty simple.

Your uniform will consist of a basketball singlet and shorts and then your choice of basketball shoes. To see what kind of shoes you should wear check out our tips on choosing a basketball shoe. We have a great selection of uniforms if you're building a team and we are more than happy to work with you to create a eye-catching basketball team uniform.

What is the 'Girls Make Your Move Campaign’?

The 'girls make your move campaign' is funded by the Australian government in aims to inspire and increase the involvement of girls in sports, “It’s about inspiring, energising and empowering young women to be more active, and reinforcing the many benefits of an active life, whether through recreation, sport or incidental physical activity.”

We are such big advocates of the benefits of sport, that we built a company to support it! We are a proud supporter of the girls make your move campaign and want to showcase some of our own Sporty Sisters that are making great moves in our apparel…

We’ve recruited some up-coming stars of the Pakenham Storm rocking it in our basketball apparel to tell us

  1. Why they love basketball
  2. What made them choose basketball as a way to get their bodies moving
  3. A tip for any other basketball loving aspiring sporty sistas out there


First up was Sophie (6 years old) from under 8 Pakenham Storm Riders

Her answers were:

1. Because it's fun

2. Because I just wanted to play basketball with my friends

3. Practice bouncing and shooting.

Stella 9 years old

Stella (9 years old) from under 10 Pakenham Storm Chasers

Her answers are:

1. I like basketball as a sport because it's fun and you can learn to do some tricks and it’s also because it's not all about winning.

2. I chose to play basketball because my dad played it and I thought it was really fun.

3. I would give them tips that you try your best and try to get the ball by yelling out your teammates names.

Aoifa from under 12 Pakenham Storm Firestorm

Her answers are:

1. I love playing basketball because you get to make new friends, keep fit and you get to learn new skills.

2. I chose basketball because it's a team sport and I wanted to try something new.

3. Go out, have fun and give it a go and enjoy yourself. It's not all about winning.

Brianna (13 years old) from under 14 Pakenham Storm Sparx

Her answers are:

1. Because I get to play with my friends

2. I liked playing at school and it is fun

3. Have fun and practice heaps

Tabatha (14 years old) from under 16 Pakenham Storm Tsunami

Her answers are:

1. Because it's a fun game and good exercise.

2. My friends were playing and it was more appealing to me than netball.

3. Always practice hard and enjoy yourself.

Finding a League to Play In?

To find a league to get involved in your area, search ‘where can I play’ on

If you’re looking for more tips in starting up we’ve written another article called 10 Easy Steps For Newbies that will lend you a helping hand

For more info about ‘The Girls Make Your Move’ Campaign click here to browse their website for more insights into the campaign and why you should be moving and even more information on other sports you can get involved in to get your daily move on!